Celebrating our 1000th wedding in Whistler

A celebration – 1000th wedding in Whistler with Linda of Whistler Wedding Planners.

It’s not often a person celebrates an event 1,000 times, but on Sunday, September 30th, I celebrated my 1,000th wedding with the marriage of Rebecca and Chase Conway at The Edgewater Resort in Whistler BC.
It was an important day for me, but I wanted to really focus on the celebration for them.
I had kept the fact that this was my 1000th wedding until the week of the wedding.  When I started sharing that this would be the wedding it was just another reason to celebrate.

It was a significantly wet wedding day and it certainly made for a very different experience for all, however we made the most of it.
This wedding was a very fitting couple to share my 1000th wedding with because I have known Rebecca as a child growing up in Whistler  and Rebecca is one of my wedding planning staff and has worked for me for over 6 years.

The wedding ceremony was held inside the lodge as the weather was not quite the day that we had expected.  Following the ceremony there was a cocktail party with heavy appetizer food and drinks offered.  Later in the evening the party moved over to Merlin’s on Blackcomb for dancing.  More of Rebecca and Chase’s friends joined the party.


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