My first blog … here goes!

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This weekend I am excited to share that my long time staff and dear friend Rebecca Kleinman and Chase Conway are getting married at The Edgewater Lodge.
I have known Rebecca since she was a little girl in Whistler РI have watched her and her sisters grow up in our community and have seen her grow to be a beautiful and talented woman. It is a pleasure to help them with their celebration as their wedding planner and florist. My sister Tricia will be helping as well with a few tasty creations too!
There are some fun things in store for their guests and I can’t wait for Sunday to come.
Here’s to seeing the summer weather continue for a few more days !

I wish you many years of love, life and laughter !
Thank you for all of the wedding day’s you have assisted with in the past and can’t wait to help you with your own wedding day!

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