The wedding of Leslie Shaw and Josh Myers.  Whistler BC, Canada.  August 24th, 2013.

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Thank You Letter

Leslie Shaw and Josh Myers.  August 24, 2013 at the Brew Creek Centre – Photo by David Buzzard Photography

I thought I would share this thank you letter Linda and the staff of the Brew Creek Centre received from the family of a recent wedding client – David Buzzard

Dear Glenn & Linda,

               As the parents of the bride, we want to thank you and all of your staff for how marvelously you facilitated the August 23 – 25 weekend for Leslie & Josh Myers’ wedding. From the moment we arrived to the property on Friday afternoon, we walked into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Our every need had already been anticipated and your space was so generously offered to us, including your offer of kitchen fridge space that we hadn’t counted on having.

               Brew Creek is a seamless place. The property is calming and soul-satisfying and the people are calm and gentle. To a person, every staff member was efficient and proficient at their work, without a trace of hurry or fluster. At our Friday night barbecue, Gil was more than “the barbecue guy”, he offered up his own personality to our guests as he was cooking and serving the food. The servers who were quiet and in the background all weekend were also present in the moment, appropriately attentive to guests and available and open for engaging in conversation. They fit into the weekend seamlessly.

               When I walked into the main lodge on Saturday morning and saw the decorating that you had done, Linda, I was overcome with emotion – and you told me you weren’t even finished yet! You carried out Leslie’s vision to a tee. You worked real magic, transforming an already beautiful space into one that was a personal reflection of who Josh and Leslie are, and maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere. I feel like I hardly saw you throughout the event and yet you were everywhere, in a quiet way making things work and come together.

And the food. The food was exquisite ~ fresh and pleasing to the palate, laid out in a beautiful style and served with such care.

Please pass on our gratitude to all Brew Creek staff, each and every one of them, and let them know that not only what they do, but the way in which they do it makes a positive difference in how people experience an event. My heart is full of gratitude for all of you.

Glenn, if you would like to give my name and contact details for reference purposes, I would be pleased to give Brew Creek all the stars there are on any rating system.


Pam & Russ Shaw

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